Diaries of a drunk San Diegan

Blacked out in San Diego

Today, I went out to the bars in Pacific Beach San Diego, forgive me for grammatical and spelling errors as I am under the influence. It started with fireball cinnamon whiskey, a rich cinnamon throw up-y taste. Ended with free cucumber margaritas in a magnificent plastic glass as well as a lipper of chewing tobacco. While me and my friend were drunk / ordering more poison to the liver a beautiful 5.5/10 walked up to us and asked if we smoked cigarettes, my immediate response was “sit on my face” , but apparently thats the same as a no. She walked away immediately and said, “not today alcoholic dumbshit.” Well , proved her wrong, my IQ is 150. Anyway, because anyways is not a word, read a book motherfucker. This blacked out ignorant post is for your entertainment btw ( by the way for you non modern pop culture folk who I envy). As I stumbled to our Lyft drivers car ( a ridiculously uneconomical f250 pick up) I realized that I am not as smart as I think. I am a pretentious douche bag who has an illusion of superiority complex, which is never helpful. Try hanging out with one of those at the bars and getting laid at the same time … good luck , you deserve a nobel peace prize. Wow, my thoughts are jumbled . Good night, and go fuck yourselves San Diego.


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