My Top 2 Favorite Breweries Out Of San Diego


1. Ballast Point

The environment is ecstatic, when entering this brewery located in Miraramar (yes I am aware of the other locations) there is a certain feeling that envelops you. The beer is crisp and fine, and quite frankly my favorite beer of all time. This brewery has a nice classy feeling that most breweries don’t seem to have. Usually when entering a brewery I feel like a high class biker, who lives like an outlaw during the day, but a alcohol enthusiast by night ( or whenever im not doing outlaw things). The Sculpin and Habanero beers are my favorite. This is a truly classy establishment, not to mention there were quite a few good looking women in their as well….

2. Saint Archer

Wow! Only tried one beer here and have to say I am absolutely hooked. The coffee stout, was possibly the most exquisite luxurious tasting beverage Ive had since birth. It could easily give my love for chocolate milk a run for its money. I also used to be a skater, so the fact that their owners are surfers and skaters makes it that much more obvious that its in San Diego, which is huge for surfing and skating.


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